Three wise man


Director - Attila Máriás
Animator - Attila Máriás
Cinematography - Dániel Kóródi
Music - Péter Tornyai
Compositing - Csilla Zsély
Dramaturg - Éva Hutvágner
Consultant - László Csáki

Tagged: Motion

Collage shortfilm

The thesis film of Attila Máriás at MOME is a short silent film adaptation of an Armenian folk tale. The project was inspired by a music composition of Péter Tornyai who also wrote the final score for the film. The story of Three Wise Men is about 3 men with extraordinary skills in observation and deduction - just like some ancient Sherlock Holmes. However they use their talent only for their success or glory and somehow forget to help to the people in trouble. Attila says: "The story has a lot of disturbing contradiction and a rather cynical moral lesson. I wanted to catch the ambiguous nature of the tale with a "hybrid" film style which include collage techniques, animation, stop motion, highspeed video, etc . This heterogeneous visual atmosphere tries to urge the receivers to read between the lines and focus on the little details. The main visual inspiration for the film was collage art."